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M.E.P. Engineering & Design Services

Mechanical / HVAC Consultation


Stage I - Predesig

Space Planning.

Issuing standard list of Drawings.

Filling Query List.

Issuing Design Basis Report (DBR).

Issuing Equipment Selection Sheet.

Stage III – Approval

Approval of Shop Drawings prepared by Contractors.

Approval of Technical Submittals.

Stage II – Design

Preparing Schematic Diagrams

Preparing Standard Technical Specifications.

Preparing Budgetary Estimates.

Co-ordinating designs according to Civil / Electrical /   Plumbing Designs.

Assessing and Certifying Bills of Contractors.

Stage IV – Tender

Issuing General Conditions.

Issuing Special Conditions.

Cross checking overall Design Parameters,   Equipments and Costing.

Issuing Tender Document with Drawings.

Electrical Consultation


Stage I - Predesign

Preparing Conceptual Design

Issuing standard list of Drawings

Filling Query List

Issuing Design Basis Report (DBR)

Stage III – Post Design

Issuing Final Drawings

Preparing BOQ

Computing Project Estimate (for Client).

Stage II – Design

Preparing Schematic Diagrams

Designing Single Line Diagrams
 (Power Schematic / SLD)

Preparing Standard Technical Specifications.

Preparing Budgetary Estimates

Co-ordinating designs according to Civil Designs

Stage IV – Tender

General Conditions

Special Conditions

Safety Conditions

Tender Document with Drawings

Purchase Consultation (Electrical)


Electrical Material Procurement on behalf of client

Floating enquiries, Technical & Commercial. Negotiations, Follow-ups for on time Delivery.

Engineers – DEE, BE Electrical with 3 years of experience.

Electrical Execution


Electrical Contracting & Execution of Sites.

Liasoning with MSEDCL.

Executed sites upto 30,000 sq. ft.

Engineers – DEE, BE Electrical with 4 years of experience.

PHE / Plumbing Consultation


Space-planning, Designing, Drawings, Load Sheets, BOQs for Water Supply, Drainage & Rain Water Harvesting Systems.

Technical & Commercial Liasoning with Contractor

Designed Systems from 7000 sq. ft. to 1,25,000 sq. ft.

Engineers – 2 BE Mechanical with 3 years of experience

Firefighting Consultation


Designing, Drawings, Load Sheets, BOQs.

Technical & Commercial Liasoning with Contractor

Engineers – 2 BE Mechanical with 3 years of experience

Electrical Procurement Service

Yashada’s “Electrical Procurement Service” (EPS) is a innovative service product, in which “Yashada Consultants” will conduct entire purchase process (of Electrical mate-rial) on the behalf of client.

Why should we go for EPS?

Builders, Developers and civil engineers are having excellent hold on civil related pur-chase activities as they have that much technical Know how in their domain field.

1) But, they may face problems in case of electrical product procurement process in terms of selection, rating, quantity, make, series etc.

2) We have to blindly follow the instructions of electrical contractors in case of elec-trical purchase.

3) Electrical consultants, on account repeated purchase; always get better discounts compared to builders, developers, promoters, contractors, business owners & architects. We at Yashada pass these better discounts to our clients.

4) Yashada Consultants consists team of Purchase Engineers who have an experience of more than 3 years.

How 'EPS' works?

1) Yashada will prepare the detailed BOM of electrical material.

2) Client will tell prefered makes of electrical goods to Yashada.

3) Yashada will float the enquiries on the behalf of client.

4) Yashada will make technical & financial comparisons of quotations.

5) Yashada will do technical & financial negotiations, on the behalf of client.

6) Yashada will issue Purchase Orders, & take the followup up to the receipt of mate-rial, on the behalf of client.

Benefits of EPS?

1) Releaf from electrical purchase process headache.

2) Time saving.

3) Extra cost saving in electrical purchase cost.

4) Optimum supply of electrical material at site.

5) No need of separate electrical Purchase Dept. in your organisation.

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Land Mark Infra

" Although our project was comparatively small in scope, Yashada Consultants have done a very professional and thorough job. They have definitely exceeded our expectations. Yashada has helped us achieve significant savings in our electrical items procurement with their systematic, cost based analysis tool. I look forward to working with Yashada for our future projects as well "

Mr.Piyush Samani

Shri Reality Construction

"I am working with 'Yashada Consultants' from last two years. I found team-Yashada very confident & clear in their domain knowledge. They are always result oriented instead of reason oriented"


Consultant-Precision Engineering

"Excellent in Education, knowledge in various Subjects like Electrical.Mechanical,Civil,Electronics etc . Go-get-ter in all fields he has entered. I wish him grand future!"

Mr.Shridhar Relekar

Manager-Accounts and Finance

"Actually for recommending prasad, this site program restricts to select top 3 attributes; otherwise i would have selected all of them for Prasad, to the extent which i know him. i am confident everybody working with Prasad will have the same experience. "

Mr.Ranadheer Patwardhan

chief consultant at narmada management

"PRASAD DIXIT- has got all the potential that a future business leader should have- a business background, right educational credentials, right attitude, right approach , great but practical ideas, so i think he is the person whom every business person should get associated in one or other form - IN SHORT HE IS THE PERSON TO WATCH"

Mr.Alhad Manjrekar


"Prasad was sincere student and always tried to do some different at college days. He has the great potential to become successful entrepreneur."

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